In 2003, EGIG started its international shipping agency business in Qingdao

In 2005, EGIG cooperated with global resource suppliers to provide iron ore trade services.

In 2008, EGIG offered raw materials to Chinese power companies and started the coal trading services.

In 2009, EGIG acquired Avatar Logistics and owned 84,085-square-meter ports, marching into industrial real estate field.

In 2011, EGIG purchased its first commercial land lot, marching into the commercial real estate field.

In 2012, EGIG won the bid for its first residential land lot and started to plan and construct the “Mingzhu ” Project.

In 2012, EGIG established Evergrand China Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong to invest in nonferrous metals and mineral resources.

In 2013, EGIG adopted the brand-new Vi system.

In 2013, EGIG renamed its real estate subsidiary as EGIG Real Estate Co., Ltd. and registered the EGIG trademark at State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

In 2013, EGIG developed the “Yi Shan Yi Zhu” villa project which covers an area of 8400 mu and was listed as a key culture project in Shandong.

In 2013, EGIG cooperated with Qingdao Tea Association to develop a commercial complex named “Cha Ma Gu Dao” which covers an area of 141 mu and was listed as a key construction project of Qingdao in 2014.

In 2015, EGIG won the bid for a commercial land lot and started to develop and build the EGIG Center, the EGIG headquarters plaza.

In 2015, VIVA LA VIDA Coffee was established, which is committed to becoming the first Chinese boutique coffee brand.

In 2016, based on its 12-year experience, EGIG innovates its corporate mission, plans a 10-year vision, and enters a new development era.